“Wonderful to work with."

"My wife and I own several investment properties. After some disappointing experiences with other agents, we were so relieved to find Ben at Corcoran, who has far exceeded our expectations. His expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail has made him wonderful to work with."

— Scott R.

“Best I've found in New York.”

"I'm so pleased to share my appreciation for Ben Garama, who has looked after my property for the last several years in NYC. I always know should anything come up, Ben will be on top of it! I'm delighted to work with Ben and highly recommend him if you are looking for an outstanding investment broker- the best I've found in NY."

— Todd M.

"Ben is an incredibly hard worker. He really went the extra mile to help us find a property that would give us the absolute max return, and he really knew his stuff! He is very reliable and patient and genuinely wanted to make sure we got the best deal."

— Caitlyn M.


“Continually provides exceptional service.”

"I have complete certainty in Ben's ability as he continually provides exceptional service to my tenants. He has a way of resolving disputes in such a professional manner where all the people involved feel understood and valued. He always responds to calls or emails right away which has not been my experience with other managements prior to working with him."

— James L.

“Very professional and knowledgable."

"Ben is very professional and very knowledgeable of the rental market. He was always easy to reach out to with questions or concerns and always gave us answers very quickly, no matter what time of day we contacted him. He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. Thank you Ben!"

— Greg S.


“Personalizes the management experience.”

"This service personalizes the management experience. I'm dealing with people I know instead of dealing with someone new for each issue. Nothing is ordered or repaired without my approval, and they take care of the whole process. I truly value the respect I get as an owner from this company."

— Mary S.

Ben made the search process so simple for us. He really helped us understand what we should be looking for, so that we could recognize good deals on our own. We were able to get the property that was the best fit for us. We love it!
— Jess M.

“2 thumbs up from across the globe!"

"I own several investment properties in Manhattan, but I live outside of the United States. It wouldn't be possible for me to own these properties without this service. They deal with any management issues and keep me updated throughout the whole process, which makes it very easy for me. Two thumbs up!"

— Sam L..

"Enhanced My Knowledge." 

"Ben really enhanced my knowledge about what makes a good investment apartment. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what would be desirable to renters, but he gave me so much new information, a lot of which actually surprised me that I would've never known. He truly is knowledgeable about which properties will rent."

— Chris T.

"Made All the Difference."

"I was so impressed by how quickly Ben rented our property. The listing looked beautiful! It was a really enjoyable experience. Throughout the whole search process, he really had our best interest in mind, and helped us find a property that would not only rent quickly, but that we also loved and were proud to own. The personal attention we received meant a lot and made all the difference."

— Patricia R.

"When I decided to take my nest egg and enter the Real Estate Investment market, to be honest I was terrified. Then I met Ben Garama and my fear turned to excitement.  I knew 100% that he would treat my investment as if it were his own. Never have I met someone so dedicated and passionate about what he does. He really knows it all. He clearly loves his job, and anyone lucky enough to work in a job they love generally does it well…he is exceptional!"  

-Mary S.


"Simply The Best."

"I decided to invest in NYC real estate a few years ago and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to partner with Ben through the entire process. He is simply the best! I had only a very basic knowledge of the NYC real estate market and my time to dedicate to the process was limited. Ben was fantastic in educating me on the market and showing me lots of great properties. But what I value the most, was the fact that he took a consultative approach and never tried to “sell” me or rush me into a deal. In fact, he advised me against buying many properties and several months later, we both agreed we found the perfect investment that met all my goals. After buying my investment property, I spent almost no time in putting my investment to work. He found tenants right away and he proactively manages all aspects of the rental process so I don’t need to worry about anything related to my investment. He is always enthusiastic, very smart and does his job with a great attitude! I’d strongly recommend Ben to any other person that’s seeking to invest in Manhattan real estate!"

- Julio Q.

"Not Like All The Other Brokers."

"Ben is not like all the other brokers, in fact, he is quite the opposite. He is more
like a real estate coach, fighting in the client’s corner. The interaction with him is
not transnational, it is a long term relationship. He is the equivalent of a private
banker vs. all the retail brokers out there."

- Mihaela N. 

"Nobody Better Suited To Help An Investor."

"Ben is top notch! Talented at sales and knows the rental market better than anyone else in town. There is nobody better suited to help an investor navigate New York City."

- Adrienne S.


"Ben really knows his stuff!! Ben is one of the most pleasant people to work with and really understands  this industry. His knowledge and expertise on real estate investments is evident after you speak with him right off the bat."

-Jackie P. 


"Part of My Arsenal of Investment Growth."

"I learned from a young age that if you want long-term financial security, it’s best to become an 'owner.' I used to think that meant being a stock owner, but I soon realized I didn’t have the stomach for the constant market fluctuations. A friend introduced me to Ben and I realized investing in real estate was more my speed. Doing it with someone like Ben is a no brainer. He knows everything  about the business and has handled every aspect of the purchase and management of my properties with impeccable attention. I feel very lucky to have found Ben and have him as part of my arsenal of investment growth – thanks for all the hard work Ben!"

- Kyle S.

"Vital Input Every Step Of The Way."

"Recently, to my surprise I’ve learned that I don’t know everything there is
to know about purchasing a property in New York.  However, thanks to
Ben I know that buying a really great investment property is a whole other
ball of wax.He literally “schooled”me on the entire process and had vital input
every step of the way. Not only did he help me buy a new fabulous
property that he instantly rented, but he also helped me to improve
on my other properties' untapped potential to produce a higher income!
I definitely couldn’t have done this without him."

- Jon R.

"There's Little I Have to Worry About."

"I’ve spent much of my life as an entrepreneur, so investing in real estate seemed like a natural step for me. If I had met Ben Garama sooner, I would have done it years ago. Ben is super smart and knows everything about this business. With the service he provides, there’s little I have to worry about except cashing the checks. Thanks to Ben and his team, my properties get rented and managed with no headaches since I don’t have to deal with the process personally. I couldn’t be happier and will continue working exclusively with Ben on all my real estate investment endeavors." 

- Zack S. 


"Every time I've worked with Ben, it's been a pleasure. He is a skilled professional with a high degree of emotional intelligence and a penchant for customer service." 

- Jerry E. 

"Thank God I Found Him."

"I was only planning on purchasing one investment apartment in the city, as I live out-of-state, but after working with Ben last year and seeing how easy and convenient it is to be an owner with his management system, we are now starting our search for my second investment property. Thank God I found him! I didn't think it was super realistic for me to own in Manhattan, since I live eight hours away, but Ben and his team handle everything, both with the tenants and the building. I've been so pleasantly surprised with the whole process and I can't wait to find another solid Manhattan investment with Ben. Thank you Ben, couldn't do it without you!

- Jess G.

"Constantly Keeps Me Updated."

"Ben was extremely helpful at making the search process logical and manageable.  He was very responsive to my individual needs and preferences as well as giving good advice on investment properties. I feel educated on Manhattan investment properties now, as well as the market in general. It's so nice to work with someone who constantly keeps me updated on the market. You rock Ben!" 

- Lauren L.