Our NYC Real Estate Investment Services In a Nutshell

We provide a full service real estate investment opportunity in New York City for investors by finding the best properties for purchase and the perfect tenants for rent. Best of all, we will oversee your property and tenants at No Cost to you.

Purchasing Power

  • We can provide our attorneys, mortgage brokers, & accountants to represent or assist you with any questions you might have.

  • Find undervalued and overlooked prime investment properties for purchase.

  • Accessible 24/7 for your questions.

  • Corcoran was part of 30% of all Manhattan sales transactions & 40% of all Brooklyn sales transactions in 2017.

  • We have access to all apartments that are on the market, as well as a good portion of listings that are off market or not online.

After viewing thousands of apartments with thousands of clients, we know exactly what makes an investment property great. We are able to find the most desirable properties, which always translates to an above average increase in value and rental return. We know why condos are better than co-ops. We recognize why a layout is more important than size. We understand why amazing views are not always a good thing. And we agree that more expensive units are not always better investments. 

Ask Us Why.

Renting Advantages

  • Use Corcoran's marketing resources to market the property at several different outlets.

  • Help tenants to complete their applications and submit them to management.

  • Handle all lease signings & lease renewals.

  • Once the tenants are approved, we prepare the apartment for their move in.

  • Rent the apartment for the first time without collecting any broker fees, which allows us to rent it more quickly and maximize the rent.

  • Provide professional photographers and floor plan experts at no cost to you.

  • List the apartment on the top real estate websites & Corcoran.com, the #1 real estate website.

  • Available to show the apartment at any time.

Once the property is purchased, we waste no time on taking the next steps to get it rented. We know exactly which key points to highlight in our listing to attract renters to the property. We provide professional, high quality listings that we post on all highly-visited sites. We have rented hundreds of apartments, so you can rest assured that we know the process from nuts to bolts. 

Investor Concierge Service

  • Provide and supervise our professionals (plumbers, painters, etc.)

  • 24/7 Management- tenants/owners can contact us any day at any time.

  • Help direct tenants, even with building related issues.

  • Become the building management’s point of contact for the unit.

  • Handle the repair payments - Owner will send us a check for the repair and we will deliver it to the professionals, or connect the owner to them to pay directly.

  • Handle all communication between tenant and owner.

  • First point of contact for any issue- any question owner or tenant has.

  • Keep track of lease expiration dates to inform the owner a few months before the lease is up.

  • Handle any repairs needed (anything that is the owner’s responsibility) at the apartment by contacting and scheduling the repairs.

With us on board, you are not just getting free management; you are getting very high quality service and much more attention than you would from a typical, similar service. We are always available to answer any call or email 24/7. We are able to give tenants personal, one-on-one attention and are able to physically be there to fully understand the situation, enabling us to resolve the issue more quickly. We do not just direct tenants where to go with their issues; we help them through the whole process from start to finish. We keep both sides updated every step of the way and follow up to make sure everything is taken care of. We offer friendly, personal service instead of having to contact someone you’ve never met before, like a traditional management service. As long as we rent the apartment exclusively, we will keep offering this service. If at any time you are not interested in continuing or prefer to use another broker to rent your apartment, we would be happy for you to do so, but the service will not be continued.